What's Thailand’s climate like?

There are three seasons in Thailand, although what they are called and when they start is subject to much debate.

The Summer “hot” season runs essentially from March through to June, with temperatures between 33 C – 48 C in the day, and not below 27 C at night.

The Monsoon “rainy” season runs from July through to November with frequent heavy rain around 5.00pm.

 The temperatures range from 32 C during the day to 16 C at night.
The winter “cool” season runs from November through to February with temperatures at 32C during the day, to a bearable 16 C at night, although in the North, it could be as low as 12 C.

This also doubles up as the dry season During the rainiest months of July to November, we recommend that you pack a light waterproof jacket and a pair of closed shoes.

For an up to date weather report, go to the Thai met-office website www.thaimet.tmd.go.th